Used Car Financing & Car Loans in Mississauga

Used car financing application form


When you shop for a used car, it helps to know what you can afford. If you need a used car loan in the Greater Toronto Area, the automotive finance experts at AutoPark Mississauga can help. We have decades of experience building relationships in the industry to help you secure financing rates that fit your budget and financial situation. You can apply for pre-approved credit to know what financing you can afford.


Not everyone is in a financial situation to easily afford a car even if they need one for work and family life. If you have bad credit or no credit, it can make it difficult to secure a car loan even for a pre-owned vehicle. Thankfully, you can always get help from our finance team at AutoPark Mississauga. We have a long track record helping people get used car financing that they can afford if they have:

  • Recently divorced
  • Recently bankrupt or with repossessions on their record
  • Recently missed payments or have large debts to pay
  • No credit history due to being a students or recently arrived immigrant to Canada

You can apply for credit for a used car loan and set up an appointment. Let us know what financial troubles you have, and our finance team can tell you what we can do to help.


Pre-owned vehicles come in all shapes, sizes, brands, and price tags for you to choose from. At AutoPark Mississauga, we are a proud member of the Humberview Group — with 21 stores across Ontario we have access to more than a great selection of used vehicles. Whether you want an affordable used car, truck, van or SUV to fit a tight budget, or you want an almost-brand-new 2017 or 2018 used vehicle, we have something that fits what you’re looking for in a car.


Whether your car was totalled in an accident or you just moved to the area, sometimes you need to buy a used car right away. That’s why you can get same-day used car financing on any of our used vehicles for sale on our lot, to help you have the car buying experience you need for your situation.

You can also take advantage of our $0 down payment loans on our eligible inventory, because if you need a car loan fast you might not have cash on hand for a down payment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your car buying experience easier and stress-free.


Life doesn’t always go as planned, and you might find yourself dealing with sudden and dramatic changes in your life that make it hard to make your payments:

  • Unexpected car breakdowns and accidents that come with a big repair bill
  • Injuries, illness, and other health issues that cut into your finances significantly

Any of these circumstances can instantly put people into a tough financial situation, and we know that can make it hard for you to pay off your car loan. That’s why you can get extra peace of mind with one of our protection plans and extended warranties that give you a safety net for such situations. They include the following options:

  • Vehicle Return Plus — you can avoid making payments up to $20,000, depending on the coverage you select
  • Power train coverage — gives you extra warranty coverage for all power train components regardless of the cause of a breakdown
  • Ultimate coverage — gives you total warranty coverage for every part and component of any used car you buy from us

Ask about our extra financing services and solutions when you speak without the finance team. We are ready to help!